Our new look!

Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine is now in its 19th edition! So we thought it was time to give our publication a major design overhaul. Our designer, Lucy Coxall from ROAR Strategy + Design has walked us through the changes and what they mean for the magazine. 

Choosing the right paper for a print project can be tricky as it what essentially tells readers about the function of the product. It is also a crucial part of the overall experience for a consumer and should be thought about before any design commences.

In the initial meetings for the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine Summer edition, it was decided that it was time for a change. Ultimately, the decision was made to steer away from the high-gloss and to strive for something to make the magazine feel more exclusive and unique to the reader.

A heavyweight uncoated paper was chosen after working closely with the printer and the BLM team.  Once this was chosen, it was time to talk about a new style guide for that would be implemented for all future publications. 

This was no easy job, as we wanted to create something that would suit all types of articles as well as something that wouldn't date. It had to be functional, easy to read and appeal to all demographics. It also had to reflect the aims and overall feel of the magazine.

After some heavy researching and many concepts, a design was unanimously chosen. We went with a clean, simple, elegant design that could be rolled out through the entire publication seamlessly. Because of the chosen stock, we gave the design plenty of room to breath creating (my all time favourite design technique) white space. This gives the entire magazine a crisp finish leaving the reader with a relaxing experience while flipping through each page.

The font that was chosen moved the magazine away from the tight, corporate look into a relaxed, soft appearance. We also gave the body text slightly more space keeping in line with creating white space around all design aspects. This not only looks fantastic but also allows the eye to run smoothly down the page while reading. 

The new style guide leaves no room for incoherent design elements. We went as far as choosing the exact distance photos would be from each other (2.25mm just in case you are wondering). Being this precise ensures that we have a publication that is continuous. Each new page is as clean and elegant as the last.

The day the printer arrived with our final product was thrilling and a little scary. After months of hard work and even harder decisions, we were confronted with a product we desperately wanted readers to love. 

The results? Incredible (Although I am slightly bias).

Not only did we double the pages, but together we produced something that was everything we imagined; an elegant, authentic and unique publication boasting phenomenal photography and strong editorial. It perfectly reflects the Ballarat community. It feels and looks exclusive and I predict that each edition will long outlast its three-month shelf life. It is a magazine that you will want to keep. After all, this is a local publication, by local people for the local community and for our visitors.