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Meet Lucy.. Our new editor/publisher/designer

I thought a great introduction for Lucy, our brand spanking new editor/publisher/designer, would be to post her editors letter from her first edition (spring)! Lucy bought the magazine from the previous owners in July this year and so far it has been a whirlwind of highs working together to produce a magazine that we are super proud of. 

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Disclaimer: This will be the longest editor’s letter you have ever read; I promise it will be the only one of this length. Just a quick introduction then a wrap up of the best edition yet.

I love to write. Or more pointedly, I love to write about topics that I am passionate about and I am fervent about this magazine. That said, you would think that my first editor’s letter would be easy. It’s not. I have been chewing over these words for the best part of two months wondering exactly how to introduce myself. So readers, stay with me as I try to articulate the journey that somehow ended with me at the helm.

Let’s try to make this bit quick. My background is media and communications/public relations and graphic design (what a mouthful). Business life started at local studio Cressaid Logic under the wing of Jossy Stoefles, two years later I was working part-time with Noelene Gration at Ascend PR while establishing my own studio, ROAR Strategy + Design. Six months later and I was officially my own boss (wistful sigh).

Through ROAR, Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine became a huge chunk of my workload with the design of the magazine and also the contract of sales co-ordinator. From here, as the months passed, I become increasingly invested in the publication. After two editions, we went through a major facelift which for me, was the turning point; I would never be able to give this magazine up. I was ardent, I was driven, I had goals and I was given the opportunity to make them happen.

So here we are. I am now running not only ROAR Strategy + Design, I am publishing a magazine and so far (fingers crossed) so good. I am honoured that I get to give something back to a place I love. There was a moment when my thoughts were consumed with moving somewhere warmer, closer to water, new, but during a brief six-month stint studying in Queensland I developed a new love and appreciation for the town. I mean come on, Ballarat offers world-class education at all levels, we are thriving with artistic and cultural wealth, you can find premium job prospects, affordable housing, an exciting world of food and entertainment, accessible community services, a great lifestyle and we are beautiful. Take a walk down Lydiard Street and look up at our picturesque historic buildings; they are breathtaking. But most of all, I love Ballarat for its opportunities. They are endless and I am excited to explore them with you!

So readers, I ask that you join me and the team as we work to create a community of like-minded, talented and inspiring people who, working together, can produce something truly outstanding season after season.

People to thank.

This is the easy part.

First and foremost, Joanna Stevens. Thank you for your belief in me, your guidance, the opportunity and for the trust you have shown in letting me take on your ‘baby’.

To Rachael Gleeson for fuelling my passion and sharing my vision.

To my family for their never-ending support, guidance and unconditional love.

To my amazing team for helping me pull this edition together.

To Ned, thank you. For your encouragement, your understanding, your belief and for your general awesomeness.

And lastly, to a man who was my friend and my mentor, Tony Kirby. You set me on this path, you showed me hard work and perseverance is all it takes to achieve. I know you would be beaming down at me for following in your footsteps. Just so you know, I read your editor’s letters before writing my own.

This edition:

Spring has to be my favourite time of year. We have all just survived another Ballarat winter, and soon we will have forgotten the early morning frosts, the side-ways rain and the energy bill that has kept us from freezing. To celebrate, we have filled every page with content that will regale, make you laugh, try new things, cry, discover, ponder, swoon, salivate and might even set you on the path of a life change.

This edition we take you into the life of Rohan Anderson, the man behind the hardback A Year of Practiculture. Prepare to be confronted, schooled and hopefully inspired. You will be gifted with delicious recipes from Rohan himself, Catfish head chef Damien Jones and BLM favourite Peter Ford. Writer Lisa Hayden will take you behind the scenes of Ballarat personality Roland Rocchiccioli and make you cry with the truly inspiring story of the Shorter brothers.

New on the block, wordsmith Andrew Brauman will take you on a journey through the craft beer movement in Ballarat accompanied by the striking photography from Scott at One Point.

You will meet and love the dazzling Ruby Pilven, local master ceramicist (try not to spend all your hard earned cash) through a witty write up by Eliesha Coxall and stunning pictures by superstar photographer Teagan Glenane.

Ballarat’s Best this edition features none other than local celebrity horse trainer Darren Weir. To keep the spring racing theme going make sure you check out our gorgeous fashion shoot compliments of Blanc Boutique, The Posy Co, our knockout models and the regal ‘Scotty’ the stallion shot by Jade at Mojo Professional Photography in the Buninyong hills.

So launch in readers! And remember we always love your feedback.

Happy reading xx