Lucy Coxall
Managing Editor

After beginning her career as a budding graphic designer and marketing coordinator with leading graphics agency Cressaid Logic, Lucy continued to evolve and develop her skills which led her to taking a sales role at Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine.

 After 6-months of retaining the original look of the magazine, together with Joanna Stevens and Rachael Gleeson, Lucy overhauled the publications identity creating something that oozed sophistication and quality.

At the 12-month mark of working on BLM, in May 2015, ROAR Publishing Pty Ltd was born and Lucy officially took the reins of the magazine from creator and previous editor.

Lucy is committed to producing a publication each season that shines a light on everything that makes Ballarat the town we have grown to love.

When Lucy isn’t in the office she enjoys draining her bank account by continually adding titles to her ginormous bookcase and spending every spare second with her gorgeous daughter Bobbi



Lisa Taylor
Everything Else

From an offer to assist with the BLM Book Club Lisa has stepped into a varied role at the Ballarat Lifestyle Magazine after Lucy fell for her incredible wit and charm (inevitable).

When not belting out classic duets in the BLM office Lisa is often found ubering her two teenage sons to every corner of town and ensuring quality control at Mitchell Harris Wines.

Lisa loves sharing local stories and connecting with all the exciting developments in our rather fabulous region.